IOT/Embedded development

Software development for embedded IOT and low power Linux applitcations

Desktop application development

Windows and cross platform PC application development

Code review

C++, JavaScript, and .NET expertise providing you an extra set of eyes and optimizations


Expand your reach with cloud sites and web services. Set up servers for nightly builds and unit testing

JavaScript development

Save server resources and keep CPU churn on the users processor with single page applications

Responsive web design

Give you site a modern look and feel with blazing performance


A few projects and publications we have worked on.

Support Requests

For support with one of our open source projects, please use the project trackers.

  • Logician Suite
  • Project Tracker
  • Forums
  • Forward Chaining Table-based Rules Engine
  • XML Rules and State Persistence
  • GPLv2 Open Source + FOSS Licenses
  • Particle Photon Weather Station
  • Project Tracker
  • Forums
  • Comming Soon...Open Source Design
  • Hardware Layouts
  • Software Implementation

Meet Eric D. Schmidt, Owner

With over 15 years of experience working in software engineering, from government research, to Fortune 500, to startup-ups, I am happy to help you with any of your engineering or QA needs, big or small. I have extensive experience running the entire software ecosystem from initial design to deployment, including setting up automated builds and unit testing, working in a variety of technologies. No matter the platform: cloud, desktop, web, or IOT - I can help you reach your goals. I have a strong background in applied mathematical modeling, rules engines, and consumer facing GUI interfaces. I am happy to provided code-review services for C++, C#/.NET, and HTML/Javascript projects. I can also help you in moving your locally deployed applications to the cloud, particularily Microsoft Azure.

Contact Email

To contact a DigiRule Solutions LLC representative email us directly at

Our Address

DigiRule Solutions, LLC
965 Ridge Rd
Bridgeville, PA 15017
P: (412) 256-8453

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